Nesdi Jones

As part of her daily routine, Nest Aneirin, 21, works at a North Wales restaurant, waiting on tables. But, she recently received a call that changed her life, after a YouTube video of her singing a popular Punjabi song was noticed by rapper Honey Singh, one of India’s biggest pop stars, and the highest paid Bollywood musician.

Her YouTube channel has since received 1million hits, and has gained thousands of Indian subscribers.

Her life changed forever the moment she received a call from Honey Singh himself, inviting her to meet him in London, and later fly out to India to record a number 1 hit ‘London’ and shoot a music video.

This is a unique documentary led by a gripping story of a Welsh waitress living a double life as an Indian Punjabi Rapper. The audience will be gripped by the amazing string of events that led to her being flown around the world, recognised in the streets of New Delhi, and appearing in the Delhi Times, while also being able to walk unnoticed on the streets of her home town of Criccieth, North Wales.